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Can you clean my gutters if I am not at home?

Yes, if we can gain access to your gutters. We are self contained and understand that people don't want to wait around for tradesmen. Once the job is done we can send you an image of your gutters as proof the job has been done by email or SMS along with our invoice to arrange payment.

How often should I clean my gutters?

It depends on the location of your property. We recommend that gutters are cleaned at least once a year, however if you are surrounded by overhanging trees or in an exposed location more than once maybe needed.

Why do I have vegetation and grass growing in my gutters?

Grass and vegetation seeds itself in the gutter muck lying stagnant in gutters, as such gutters should be cleaned out at the beginning of spring to remove any residual gutter muck and again the end of summer in case any vegetation has taken root.

My roof is at various heights and levels and some of my gutters are hidden from view by a row of tiles as it’s an old house. Can you clean these and is a yearly gutter clean sufficient?

Yes, we can clean most gutters with a range of specialist tools. The more complex the roof, the more debris will be washed into your gutters. We recommend a more frequent service in Spring and Autumn for larger or more complicated roofing.

This year has been very bad for mosquitoes. Can cleaning my gutters help reduce them?

Mosquitoes and most other pests, are drawn towards water. Gutters and downspouts around your roof can get clogged due to fallen leaves and end up accumulating water providing the mosquitoes with an ideal breeding ground. The collected water and foliage begin to decay after a while, retaining moisture, so the mosquitoes never run out of it, unlike in the case of puddles. Therefore, it is essential to clean your gutters regularly in order to keep the mosquitoes away.

Can vacuuming my beams and fans help with allergies?

Yes it can. Regular cleaning of all household surfaces including ceilings, fans, beams and other areas affected by dust is imperative to the health and general well-being of allergy sufferers. By using our skyVac® 78 Internal we can ensure that the dust is vacuumed away so that it does not become airborne and inhaled.

Are you insured?

Yes, have no fear, we have all the relevant insurances.

What payment methods do you take?

We can take payment by cash, cheque or credit/debit card on completion of the job.

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Towns & Villages ...

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We carry out regular Gutter Cleaning, and we also specialise in High-Level Gutter Cleaning, Interior High-Level Cleaning & Dust Removal, Carpet & Rug Cleaning and Steam Cleaning in the following Périgord towns and villages ...

Beaumont du Périgord, Bergerac, Cancon, Castillonnès, Duras, Eymet, Issigeac, Lézignac-Durand, Marmande, Miramont-de-Guyenne, Monbahus, Monbazillac, Monségur, Monteton, Montignac-de-Lauzun, Mussidan, Périgueux, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, Sarlat-la-Canéda, Sigoulès, Tombebœuf, Tonneins, Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Villereal.

Other areas available upon request.

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We cover the following departments: (24) Dordogne, (47) Lot et Garonne, (33) Gironde, (40) Landes, (64) Pyrénées Atlantiques, (65) Haute Pyrénées, (32) Gers, (82) Tarn et Garonne, (31) Haute Garonne, (09) Ariège, (11) Aude, (34) Hérault, (81) Tarn, (12) Aveyron, (46) Lot, (19) Correze, (23) Creuse, (87) Haute Vienne, (15) Cantal, (16) Charente, (17) Charente Maritime, (86) Vienne, (79) Deux Sevres.

Other departments available upon request.

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